Some photos from La Capilla, Civil War Boutique

What a splendid event held at La Capilla in Old Town Manassas this past Saturday!  The Civil War Boutique and Musical was co-sponsored by the restaurant, the Prince William Symphony Orchestra and Manassas Museum.  Yours truly got a great response to the book.  I am so thankful for the many people who want to preserve our historic gem of an area and support local authors.

I wish I had brought along my better camera because my photos of the singers dressed in period clothing didn’t come out.  Neither did the photos of all the gorgeous art.

Had MANY inquiries about the upcoming children’s book and the talented artist working on the illustrations.  I think the kids will enjoy it.  It has environmental and community peace themes along with a lizard that grows into Godzilla proportions.  That’s all I will say at the moment.

Manassas artist Dot Obenchain painted these extraordinary Christmas ornaments.  Each ornament, in amazing detail, illustrates a historic building in PWC or Manassas.  Ornaments of the Manassas Battlefields Stonehouse and the old Manassas Court building were among those displayed.

The artist also had hand-painted bird houses and watering cans on display.

Here is a gorgeous quilt made by Stone House Quilters Guild.  Raffle tickets were available and still are.  Proceeds will benefit military families.

In front of the quilt, you can see a piece of my display.

Pat Wolter ( is a Creative Memories consultant who makes incredible story books.  It’s amazing what the new programs can do. Her pages look so three-dimensional, I thought they were traditional pages at first.

No, this isn’t a magician, but the music was magical.  This gentleman, a member of The Chanticleer Singers ( powered his piano with his feet and played the Civil War era tunes to which the choralists sang.

The fun thing about this piano is first, it’s an original circa 1870’s piece, and second, it is portable.  He came in with it folded up, practically like a wooden suitcase.