Sesquicentennially speaking…

The  Sesquicentennial (150 year) anniversary of the American Civil War is rapidly approaching.  In summer 2011, our area will be one of many offering a variety of ways to experience the era and consider the battles–the physical, cultural, sociological and psychological.

Particularly because the first battles were fought in Manassas and Prince William County, this region should see an influx of tourists and increased interest from locals.

Among many other blogs, Anti-BVBL is discussing how the events will play out and where the money will come from. According to Anti-BVBL, “Creston Owen, chairman of the newly formed Virginia Civil War Events Inc. presented his organization’s  plan to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of First Manassas. His organization, made up of volunteers, has a 9 day plan to draw tourism to the area.”

Whether or not Mr. Owen is the preferred person to do the job, I am pleased we have people who can do the job and who want to do the job.  Ultimately, bringing people in will be a boon for local business as we nurture an interest in history.

I hope that when people visit, they will better understand the importance of preserving our nation’s historical lands and artifacts.  As a young country, if we invest heavily in preservation now, imagine the archives, culture and grounds we will leave our progeny!