Some photos from the book

Some photos from the book…first (left) is a contemporary photo I took at Manassas Museum.  The ghostly nature of the pic drew my attention.  And the wonderment of who wore these uniforms captured my imagination.

The last photo on the left was taken at Stone Bridge, Manassas National Battlefield Park, before the boardwalk was renovated.  The cover of the book was taken at the same location but on a wonderful, misty morning.  In spite of the old boardwalk needing repair, I miss the natural look of the wood.  The new boardwalk is made of recycled plastic which looks too contemporary to me.

The rest of the photos are taken from the national archives.

Each page of the book is sepia in color, offsetting the black and white of the photos.

I went with bold text for the poems because I wanted them to be easy to read even for people who have visual challenges.