Thank you for the award!

Blogger Slam Dunks thoughtfully bestowed a blog award on me which I find very kind.

Slam Dunks also previously posted a question/answer entry about my book on his blog.

This blogger is a father and former police officer who works with families of missing children.

Thank you, Slam Dunks, for your talented contributions to the blogosphere and for thinking of my website when you decided to give out awards.

To accept this award, I must:

1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award;
2. Copy the award & place it on my blog;
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award;
4. Share 7 interesting things about myself;
5. Nominate 7 bloggers.

First, seven bloggers I would like to recognize are:

Kate, a breast cancer survivor, mother, ESL teacher/administrator and incredible writer, has inspired me with her wit and strength for over a year now.  Thank you, Kate.

Dive, a true Renassaince man:  an architect, musician, cook, former journalist, creative writer, reader-of-all-books and genuine human (British) being, Dive has kept me laughing and thinking for more than a year as well.  Thank you, Dive!

Adoro, a deeply spiritual woman, writes about her faith and all the philosophies that entails as she makes her way through daily life (which lately, includes fostering a dog).

Anti-BVBL: three dedicated female administrators have taken on the difficult task of addressing illegal immigration and the painful social wars associated with it in Prince William County, VA.  The women also present topics on current events.

Citizen Tom, who explores American writings from the founders, Christian perspectives, conservative thought and current events in a respectful manner, is a thoughtful writer and an all-round interesting person.

She Says with a Smile is a blog authored by Sandra, my funny Barefoot Blogger Friend (bbf), a rape and trauma survivor, a brave mother and a published writer.  I have her book within 20 feet of my desk.  She has inspired me for over a year as well.

Selina at Mazzy Blue Studios is a talented artist and book illustrator.  She is working on her second book of which I am the author.  Selina suffered and has survived the tragic death of her young daughter and uses part of the proceeds from her art to benefit a charitable foundation in her daughters name.

When I look at these people and read their stories, I am humbled, joyful and grateful.

Seven Interesting things about Myself

1.  I spent the first 27 years of my life in Massachusetts, 18 months in Colorado and have lived in northern Virginia (Manassas area) for ten years.

2.  Since I learned to read, I have written.  As a child, I “published” a weekly magazine called “Puppet Gossip.”  At age 11, I decided I wanted to be a professional puppeteer and wrote a research paper on it.

3.  For the past 8 years, I have taught English Composition online through National American University, a private college based in the Midwest.

4.  I have diagnosed ADHD and clinical depression, and I have two children with special cognitive and emotional needs.

5.  I have an established reputation as a social dissenter, questioning citizen and all-round-pain-in-the-buttocks to local government.  I dislike social and economic injustice.

6.  I am obsessed with scrapbooking and have completed 25 scrapbooks with more on the way.

7.  As a former victim of rape and assault, I have survived my own battles with PTSD, and I am grateful for all I have been given.

Once again, thank you, Slam Dunks and all my blogging buddies who have made my reading and thinking life all the fuller.