Follow-up: Haymarket Earth Day and visits to Haymarket Museum

Much thanks to all who visited the Haymarket museum yesterday for the Earth Day celebration!  It was great to see the interest in local history.

Most visitors had never been in the museum even though they have lived in the area for many years.  They  were pleased to be able to see it and examine the documents on display.  Children took special interest in the old schoolhouse desk and sleigh.  Adults wanted to know more about the place and asked if the exhibits would soon be expanded.

I also want to express my gratitude to my readers, listeners and supporters, particularly the woman who brought her teenage daughter to the 1:00 reading.  Your openness and willingness to show your emotional response were meaningful to me, as I have had similar responses when visiting our local, historic treasures and have attempted to understand the people of the time.

Much appreciation, too, to visitors who learned about and donated to BRMC’s important preservation and conservation efforts.  Duel efforts to maintain our rich environmental and historic resources are crucial to maintaining the quality of life we expect in Prince William County.

Finally, thank you to the Haymarket Earth Day organizers and those who donated to the Gainesville-Haymarket Rotary Community Corps’ efforts to support Adopt-a-Platoon’s Operation Foot Care Patrol.  Those in our current battlefields need our help and prayers for a safe return.

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