Memorial Day Thoughts on the Civil War

We might not think of Memorial Day in conjunction with the Civil War, probably because many of us (most of us?) think of the Civil War negatively, whereas we think about those who served in foreign wars as those who have preserved our freedom. 

However, this posting at Moonhowlings turns that negative thought on its head, giving us something more to think about. 

And as always, I am left with more questions. 

How does the Civil War fit in with our tradition of commemorating Memorial Day?  Do we choose sides even on these days set aside for thanking all who have served in the armed forces?  Are there people we leave out when we say, “Thank you for your service”?  Is there room, even among the shame of our almost-undoing, for pride?  If so, what can we still be proud of? 

If you have time, please read the article here and think about those questions.

In the meantime, a blessed Memorial Day to all who have served and who still serve.

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