Wilderness Battlefield Still Threatened

The Civil War Preservation Trust is still fighting to keep Wal-Mart out of the Wilderness Battlefield in Orange County, VA.

The AP says, “Attorneys for Orange County and residents who oppose the proposed store near the Wilderness Battlefield are scheduled to appear in Orange Circuit Court on Tuesday.

In late April, Judge Daniel R. Bouton kept alive the fight to block the Walmart Supercenter near where Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant first met on the field of battle.”

According to a general email I received from the Trust,  “We are not opposed to a Walmart in Orange County – just a Walmart at the proposed location. If Walmart were to move to another location in the county, then, in our opinion, everybody wins. Walmart gets to build a new store in Orange County, the county gets new commercial development and an expanded tax base and the Wilderness Battlefield is protected, which benefits the county, its residents and all visitors who come to visit the battlefield.”

To take action and send a letter to Wal-Mart, click here.

See the Trust’s template below.


Jul 13, 2010

Mr. Michael Duke
702 SW 8th Steet
Bentonville, AR 72716

Dear Mr. Duke,

Please help preserve America’s irreplaceable Civil War battlefields.  I
ask that Walmart find a different location for its new Supercenter and
not build on the Wilderness Battlefield in Orange County, Virginia.

I agree with Governor Tim Kaine, and thousands of others, and believe
that the best solution for all parties is for Walmart to choose a less
historically sensitive location away from the Wilderness Battlefield
and National Park.  Building at the proposed site would forever alter
the nature of the Wilderness and undermine the visitor’s experience for
future generations.

I urge you to find another location for the proposed Walmart in Orange
County and help preserve our national heritage.  I hope you make the
right decision and help us protect one of our nation’s most important
Civil War battlefields.


Mrs. Katherine Gotthardt

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