Hiking the New York Monuments in Manassas

My mother, brother and his family have been visiting from Florida and New Hampshire, respectively.

Each time they come,  I bring them to a different section of Manassas Battlefields, not only for the history, but also for the natural splendor.

This year was particularly meaningful because I could show them some of the places that actually inspired the poetry in my book.  My mother especially appreciated the explanations now that she had a live visual to accompany some of the references that had remained vague in her mind.

Our hike through the New York Monuments area also gave me a new perspective of Second Manassas, making me review my understanding of the Zouave infantry for which there is a monument in that section.

My brother took several photos.

This black and white photo of the fence at the New York Monuments, which I took back in 2004, is included in my book.

I miss hiking in the mist and hope to return to its moodiness this fall.  Hiking in the sunshine with family and friends is a true pleasure, but sometimes it’s the solitude, the mist, the rain or the snow that bring us rarer insights.

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