Prospero’s Books–A Real Find

If you haven’t visited Prospero’s Books in Old Town Manassas lately, you should, not only because you can find my book there, but because they recently added to their large collections of Virginia, U.S. and World history, as well as many Civil War photos and prints.  Many of these are out of print and hard to find.

Established in 1993, Prospero’s Books is housed in the 90+ year-old Hibbs & Giddings building in the heart of Old Town Manassas. Originally this building was a clothing store founded in 1898 by lifelong friends E. Humphrey Hibbs and Eugene G. Giddings. Hibbs and Giddings moved into this, their third location, in 1912. This dignified structure serves as an anchor and landmark on a busy corner of Old Town Manassas, across from the Loy E. Harris Pavilion.

Mention this post and receive a 10% discount on any of their more than 75,000 books, maps and prints.

Prospero’s is located at  9129 Center Street in old town Manassas and can be found on the web at

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