Let’s Not Turn a Blind Eye

Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts has something important to say about the State of Mississippi which is considering putting Nathan Bedford Forrest, founder of the Ku Klux Klan, on a vanity plate.

Calling the KKK a terrorist group, Pitts writes,

A man who betrayed this country, founded a terrorist group and committed mass murder is a man unworthy of honor.

It is pathetic that it even needs to be said.

Pitts is right.

While the Civil War should be commemorated, it also should be used as a teaching/learning tool.  Certainly, soldiers and civilians from both sides should be mourned, many honored.  But we need to think about what constitutes reason to honor.

Substitute, for a moment, Hitler for Forrest.  Hitler was also a brilliant strategist and leader who murdered his own people and declared war on specific ethnic and religious groups.  Should Hitler  be honored on a license plate?  How about Stalin?  Mao Tse Tung?

Good war strategists are often hard to come by.  But so are good people.

Mississippi, find someone else to laud–someone  honorable.

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