Metaphor vs. Straight Up

I had a brief conversation yesterday with a lady who was interested in how kids can understand poetry but adults can’t.  She said it’s that adults complicate everything, looking for the deeper meaning when really, the idea is the idea.  In general, she got it right because we cannot understand poetry unless we look at the obvious, what is actually on the page.

In my humble opinion, the poem must be able to hold its own on that physical level.  Then, if readers care to launch into analytical limbo, all encouragement to do so.  My poems also contain the larger metaphor which can be personalized or globalized.  But if you don’t get the larger meaning, you can still get something out of the poem.  That’s my intent, anyway.

So here’s an early Christmas present for those who have not purchased the book yet: a sample, which I rarely give.  Read it.  Ask yourself what is being said about the happenings of the time.  What story is being told?  Then ask yourself what metaphorical walls you have been asked to build that have crumbled upon the most subtle of breezes.


Stonewall Down

You told me to build a wall from rubble,
fragments of earth and strength and clay;
you told me to stack stones, one on another,
fill cracks in with dust and mud.
I did what I was told.

There was no way it would ever hold.

It came crashing down on an exhale.


Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt
Copyright 2009-present
All rights reserved.

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