A Thought-Provoking Poem by Writer Dan Verner

Words for My Grandfather

In June of 1917 when I was 21

I signed up for the draft for the War

And created a mystery.

All my life I went by Lawrence Harrison Verner

But on the registration card

The registrar spelled my first name “Laurence”

And I signed as “Lorans.”

What would account for this?

I couldn’t spell my own name?

I made a mistake out of nerves?

I gave the registrar a French spelling

Because of bad feelings against Germans?

Whatever the cause, I left a mystery

For a grandson I never knew

Who bears my middle name

And who wrote these words for me.

–Danny Harrison Verner


Dan Verner is owner of Biscuit City and a member of Write by the Rails.  His poetry is forthcoming in the Write by the Rails anthology New Departures.



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