April is National Poetry Month, and author Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt has released Weaker Than Water through Amazon Digital Services.

The poetry in Weaker than Water spans 2002-2013, metaphorically documenting Gotthardt’s journey of  spiritual development, pain, survival and victory.

Manassas writer Dan Verner says of the accessible poems, “There is so much to recommend in these poems. They are by turns  witty, insightful, gritty, heartfelt, searching, touching, evocative and soaring. The variety of forms and control of language demonstrate  attention not only to technical matters, but to concerns of the mind and soul.  Katherine speaks with a unique and clear voice, and we are all  better for having read her work.”

“We become companions on Katherine’s spiritual journey through her poems. Along the way, she finds a new and different way of looking at daily life,” says Carole Keily, Staff Writer and former Editor for The Anchor.

“Good tone…the most difficult element to sustain in poetry.  It seems to come naturally,” says Fr. Joseph Roccasalvo, Ph.D., international speaker, author and mentor.

Stacia D. Kelly, author of Reduce You and co-author of 9 Months In ~ 9 Months Out, says, “The imagery is both vivid and visceral. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading poetry in a long time, and several of these resonated deeply.”

Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt enjoys exploring history,  art, culture and nature in Prince William County and the Manassas area.  An advocate for preservation, conservation,  education and civic engagement, Gotthardt volunteers for several  non-profit organizations. A former freelance, community writer for the  regional News & Messenger newspaper, Gotthardt has taught  college English composition online and English as a Second Language  (ESOL) at an adult detention center.

Gotthardt’s poetry and prose have appeared in various online and text journals.  Poems from the Battlefield, a collection of her Civil War themed poetry, original and archival  photos and period quotes, was published in 2009.  Her children’s book, Furbily-Furld Takes on the World, was published in 2010.  Approaching Felonias Park, a novel focusing on predatory lending, was released in November, 2011.

In addition to founding Writers for a Cause, a group of authors who donate proceeds to charity, Gotthardt is an active member of various organizations, including the Prince William County Arts Council, Write by the Rails and the League of Women Voters, Prince William Area.

Weaker Than Water is available in e-book format, compatible with most PCs and handheld devices.

Title: Weaker than Water

Author:  Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services,  Inc.

Language: English


$2.99 USD

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