Spirited History Presents: Paranormal Investigation at the Weems-Botts Museum‏

Saturday October 12th 2013      7:30PM – 10:30PM

 Tickets: $22 per person       Recommended for ages 18 and up

 This location was featured on this seasons: ” My Ghost Story” on the BIO Channel

Have you ever wondered what spirits reside in the historic Weems-Botts Museum and Museums Annex House? Here is your opportunity to find out the thrilling history and paranormal encounters that have occurred at theses historic locations in Dumfries VA.

The event begins with a presentation that includes: a brief history of the locations, listening to the EVPS that have been collected by Spirited History while investigating these historic sites, as well as the paranormal encounters that have been reported and recorded at both the Weems-Botts Museum and the Museum Annex House. After this brief introduction to the historic locations, Spirited History will take you on a paranormal investigation inside both the Weems-Botts Museum and the Museums Annex House.

This is a very active location for both residual and interactive (intelligent) activity, and one that is rich for EVPs! Please wear soft soled shoes, (athletic shoes are highly recommended), bring flashlights, cameras, and voice recorders.

Parking: Along side Merchant Park.

Please meet at the gazebo in Merchant Park.  (Look for the Spirited History sign.) Tickets must be purchased prior to the day of the event. To purchase tickets: Price: $22.00 per person


Joann Barron,

Director, Historic Dumfries Virginia, Inc. and

Weems-Botts Museum


3944 Cameron Street

Dumfries, VA  22026

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